Through self-pressurization, self-motivation, and self-discipline, Luke changed people's impression of "chemical industry is pollution, and pollution is chemical industry", showing the concept of environmental protection and social responsibility of coexisting with nature.

Energy and resource management operational results:

1. Environmental protection

The company adopts a highly environmentally friendly product production process, and the liquid production process achieves zero discharge.

2. Energy saving

The constant pressure water supply system is used to realize that all production water is 100% recycled without discharge; the high temperature water for production cooling is discharged into the designated high temperature pool for storage and high temperature recycling; the lighting in the living and office areas is installed with photoelectric control to save electricity consumption.

3. Emission Reduction

Boiler fuel uses clean natural gas to ensure that the emission is up to standard; the gas generated by the production equipment is neutralized and purified by a three-stage acid mist purification processor, which controls the emission of exhaust gas.