The 3rd National Symposium on Polycarboxylic High Performance Water Reducing Agents and Their Applications Closed in Beijing


In recent years, the development of high performance Polycarboxylic Water Reducer and its application technology in China has been rapid. In order to exchange and discuss the frontier technology of the admixture industry in time, summarize the latest research results and engineering application experience of polycarboxylic high performance water reducer in recent years, and promote the further improvement of the technical level of the industry, the third National Conference on Polycarboxylic high performance water reducer and its application technology was held in Beijing from June 26 to 27, 2011. Professor J. Plank of Technical University of Munich, Germany, and other experts from home and abroad were invited to report to the conference. A collection of papers entitled "Advances in Polycarboxylic High Performance Water Reducing Agents and Their Application Technologies" was also provided to the delegates. Sichuan Lujia Sitong Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., as one of the support units of the conference, actively supported and attended the meeting.