Sichuan Lujia Sitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional chemical company with strong technical and economic strength, focusing on the development, production, and operation of high-tech new building materials. The company has independent intellectual property rights and is also a production base for additive masterbatch in the Southwest region. The company was put into operation in April 2006, mainly producing a series of concrete admixtures such as water reducing agents, pumping agents, early strength agents, and retarders. The production plant located in Chengdu Xinjin Industrial Park covers an area of over 60 acres, with a total investment of approximately 120 million yuan. The annual production of liquid products can reach 600000 tons, and the annual production of powder products can reach 80000 tons, which can be applied to tens of millions of cubic meters of concrete. The company has a technology research and development center in Beijing, and admixture sales branches in Chengdu, Kunming, Chongqing, and Nanning.
      The company's products are widely used in national, provincial and municipal key projects such as railways, highways, bridges, tunnels, subways, hydropower, as well as municipal engineering and real estate construction. The company has participated in the construction of national key engineering projects such as the Xicheng Railway, Xubi Railway, Panxi Highway, Lexi Expressway, Yalu Expressway, Chengdu Mianyang Expansion Expressway, Naqian Expressway, Yanjiang Expressway, Daduhe Hydropower Station, Chengdu Metro, etc, And participated in the post Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction work with numerous partners, contributing to the field of urban architecture and infrastructure. At the end of 2011, "Luca" was recognized as a "famous trademark in Sichuan Province".
      At present, Sichuan Lujia has maintained good cooperative relationships with enterprises such as China MCC5, China Railway Group, Sichuan Huaxi Greenhouse, Sichuan Transportation Construction Group, Sichuan Road and Bridge, Sichuan Huaxin Cement, Sichuan Desheng Group, Sichuan Tongde, Sichuan Kunjia, Sichuan Zhongcheng, Chengdu Construction Engineering Group, Chengdu Hongji, Chengdu Guixi Commercial Concrete, Jianyang Longtou Lianchuang, etc. Customers from outside the province have established good cooperative relationships with Beijing Zhonglian Xinhang, Nanjing Zhonglian Commercial Concrete, Shuanglong Group, etc Shandong Zhonglian and other enterprises also maintain good cooperative relationships.
      Luca Chemical is not only committed to the professionalization, standardization, and scale of the enterprise itself, but also regards energy conservation and consumption reduction, building a harmonious society together, and promoting the development and progress of world construction and chemical technology as its duty-bound mission. The company adheres to the business policy of "quality first, service first" as the guidance, establishes a complete departmental structure, and has a group of medium to senior professional and technical personnel and advanced production equipment; We have established a comprehensive quality control system and have successfully passed a series of certifications, including ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, GB/28001-2001 occupational health system certification, CRCC high-speed rail certification, green building materials certification, and hazardous substance limit certification, and have been running well.