Enterprise Philosophy

To create, share.Luke share the philosophy, we gain a competitive advantage of mode of thinking, it included an enterprise to see their relationship with customers: customer success is Luke's success, customers make the best partners, together to create the honors and achievements; at the same time also includes the business and personal relationships: Luke is the way into the common business, employees work for themselves, share a common enterprise and achievement.

Business Philosophy

Professional quality shows, science and technology to create value.Focus, Luke is in the industry to win another advantage:10years focused on the development of concrete admixture products, relying on advanced research and development centers and laboratories background, standardized management and equipment and technology, creating a superior product stability, ceaseless and outspread, complete industrial chain, make Luke with a strong service support capability.

Cultural Beliefs

Love, honesty, service Yijing, learn to perfection." Faith in love." -- Luke named derived from beliefs. " Love" is Luke values starting point, is to reach the enterprise mission power. Thanksgiving and charity, is a modern enterprise should have lofty sentiments, is the enterprise citizen values. In what is taken from the community, social return on the creed, the company set up the mechanism of shareholders contributions to charitable and Corporate Charity Fund, for the student, disaster relief, poverty relief.


Honesty is the way with the founding of the country, is the road into the action of the first criterion:Honesty, and trustworthiness -- enterprise between members of the respect and trust should be the enterprise employee agree a concept and responsibility.Abide by the commitments to customers, so that consumers right and the quality of products and services, information authenticity with confidence;Abide by its commitment to the community, standardized management and stable development, product quality and expand market, antifouling consumption, safety and environmental protection, the construction of the harmonious society.

Best Service

Our customers, always to customer demand for demand. Strain every nerve to meet customer, continuous sanding service details is Luke services.The intention to help customers succeed, to become customers the best partner awareness, can foreknow and continue to meet the new requirements of customers, continue to provide quality products, world without end to improve service details.Service to others consciousness should in-depth business activities of each level, the staff and the way one gets along with people in detail, the consciousness of service command patterns of behavior, improve the efficiency of problem solving, promote the establishment of harmonious atmosphere, reflects the corporate members.

Learn to perfection

The enterprise below intellectual economy is not only the competition of the competition of the product, but also the talent competition,actually is in essence the competition ability of learning. Luke make the knowledge as the most important resource of our enterprise, supporting staff, effectively access to create, share and use knowledge, enhance our core competitiveness, create learning-oriented team to adapt to the demand of competition.