Promote learning and training as the competition, strive for excellence-remember Lujia Chemical's 2019 11th adjuvant skills assessment competition

       In order to improve the level of technical services, consolidate the technical quality level of products, do a good job of customer service in a timely manner, and build a "technical pass, skilled skills" technical service team. On November 28, Sichuan Lujia Stone Technology Development Co., Ltd. held the 11th annual adjuvant skills assessment competition in 2019.
    On the day of the competition, Zeng Yan, the deputy general manager of the company, and Xia Zhongzhi, the director of the quality and technology department, watched the competition. A total of 7 professionals from the company's service groups participated.
   According to the competition system, contestants are required to complete two parts: written test and practical operation. They mainly examine the factory test of water reducing agent, concrete trial, concrete performance, and cost analysis of water reducing agent compounding formula. After more than 4 hours of fierce competition, the first batch of "additive technology experts" stood out, and Comrade Liu Yi won the first prize.
    Sichuan Lujia Stone Technology Development Co., Ltd. will continue to vigorously grasp the production quality control and technical service of concrete admixtures in 2020. The holding of this competition has established a platform for employees to demonstrate skills competitions and talents to help employees Improving professional and technical capabilities, providing the company with excellent technical skills and excellent workmanship of admixtures, and providing talent guarantee for the company to further develop the admixtures market.