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Self-leveling mortar admixture (JF-S3)


Naphthalene series



JF-S3 has high strength, good anti-aging syndrome, long service life and easy to use.

JF-S3 is widely used in new ground, old ground to make level, renovation, and rise sand or construction unqualified ground and other grounds which need to be repaired.


1:Content : 0.2%-0.5% of dry powder quality.

2: water-reducing rate: 12-20%,it can save cement 10%-20%.

3:it can improve the strength more than 30% of the mortar.

Construction method

1: The concrete or cement mortar grassroots should be solid, the surface needs to be cleaned up and be removed float ash, smeary wait for bonding material against, there is certainly some pits too much place to grassroots up flat in advance.

2: Using interface agent evenly over the 2 times, each time can be done when the last time has been dry. Interface agent should be even and complete.

3: With the water proportioning 20%, when the bubble has made clean,it can be used to the construction.

4: When the stratosphere sclerosis, you can water the concrete Properly.


1:the temperature should be controlled between 5 degree and 40 degree.

2: self-leveling agent pulp which has been mixed properly should be used up within 15 min, the most thickness of the flow flat layer can not be over 30mm.

3:when mixing the powder, it is better to use an electric mixer gun, stirring time can not less than two minutes and cannot add excess water.

Packaging, transport and storage

Powder JF-2 is available in 25kg film-lined bags.

Dry and well ventilated warehouse is needed for storage.quality guarantee of JF-S3 is one year under normal condition. If storage has surpassed the time, test must be done to confirm the validity.