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BT slump inhibitor

BT sputum is a high-molecular polymer that does not contain any harmful substances and is a new generation of environmentally friendly sputum products.




BT sputum is a high-molecular polymer that does not contain any harmful substances and is a new generation of environmentally friendly sputum products. The product has stable performance, long-term storage without delamination, no precipitation, good preservation performance; can be used to prolong the concrete retention time, adjust the adaptability of polycarboxylate superplasticizer to cement, and improve the working performance of fresh concrete. It is suitable for polycarboxylic acid (ester, ether) superplasticizer to prepare high durability, high flow, high strength pumping concrete and clear water concrete engineering with high requirements on appearance quality.

■Main technical performance indicators

1, good protection performance. The product has high dispersibility and can maintain this performance for a long time, achieving an excellent plasticizing ability of the concrete mixture.

2. It has good compatibility with cement, admixtures and other admixtures. The concrete has no loss of 2-3 hours slump and is almost unaffected by temperature changes.

3, concrete cohesiveness is good, no segregation, no bleeding, easy to pump construction;

4. There is no bleeding line on the concrete surface, the large bubble is small, the color difference is small, and the concrete looks good.

5, retarding performance: delay the initial and final setting time (prolonged with plastic retention time);

6. The mechanical properties of concrete flexural strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus, and bond strength of steel bars are greatly improved;

7. Durability indicators such as concrete impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance, and carbonization resistance are greatly improved;

8, the application of the country is very extensive, can be applied to the preparation of different performance requirements of the concrete, especially suitable for polyacid seedlings, water-reducing agents, fast loss, high temperature and other products;

9. It can effectively control the early hydration of cement in concrete. It is suitable for the preparation of large-volume concrete, concrete for cold joint construction, concrete for long time parking or long distance transportation.

■Application methods and precautions

1. This product can be used as a pumping agent, a modified component of fluidizer, and controls the slump and flow of pumped concrete and fluid concrete.

Temporary loss of momentum to maintain good concrete performance;

2. It can be used together with various polycarboxylic acid mother liquors. After compounding, it can replace the mother liquor with the same amount or amount, which will not reduce the water reduction rate.

These will also increase the water reduction rate

3. This product should not be used in combination with naphthalenesulfonic acid-based water reducing agent. When used together with other admixtures, it should be carried out in advance.

Concrete compatibility test.

■ Uniformity index:






Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

 Solid content  


Chloride ion content(%)




Alkali content


Ph value



■Packing and storage:

This product is packed in bulk or in agreement. Store other contaminants, rainwater and other contaminants during storage. Validity period

12 months, after the overdue test match, you can continue to use.