Lujia Stone Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the launch and donation ceremony of Chengdu Retired Military Care Special Fund

As a model city of double support in Chengdu, Chengdu has always attached great importance to the work of double support, resettlement, and special care. During the military festival in 2019, in order to support national defense and army building, the practical difficulties of retired military personnel and their families were effectively solved. Sichuan Province The Red Cross Foundation has established the "Chengdu Retired Military Care Aid Special Fund" to help retired military personnel and immediate family members who have a household registration in Chengdu and need help in life, medical care, and employment.
Sichuan Lujia Sitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. was invited as a representative of the donation enterprise to attend the ceremony and donated money to the “Chongdu Retired Military Care Special Fund”.
Sichuan Lujia Sitong Company has always regarded fulfilling social responsibility as an important task. The company attaches great importance to the employment placement of retired military personnel. The company recruits employees to give priority to veterans under the same conditions. Most of the comrades are in their positions. It has excellent performance and shows the good style of military bans and daring to win. It demonstrates the true style of military retired and retired, and they have made positive contributions to the company's development and growth.
It is reported that the event was organized by the Sichuan Retired Military Affairs Office, the Sichuan Red Cross and Chengdu Retired Military Affairs Bureau and the Chengdu Red Cross Society. It was hosted by the Sichuan Red Cross Foundation and the company’s leadership was established at the beginning of the retired military care fund. I attach great importance to the initiative to contact the Provincial Retired Military Affairs Office and the Provincial Red Cross Foundation to express the willingness to donate. This donation fully reflects the fact that Sichuan Lujia Sitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. is concerned about national defense, poverty alleviation, and glory. A good image of a responsible company.