2019 Luke Summer Safety Training Work Briefing

    Summer has always been a high-risk period of fires and various natural disasters. In order to do a good job in the company's safety work and protect the personal safety of the company and employees, the company's security office invites the professional training teacher Ding instructor of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau to our employees. Training on fire safety, flood prevention and earthquakes was conducted.

    Ding's instructors used pictures and video materials to conduct publicity education on fire safety and natural disasters through a real case, and popularized common knowledge such as safe use of fire, electricity, and self-help. The training also explained the importance of fire safety work in an easy-to-understand manner, explained the types and causes of fires, and taught correct preventive measures to different fires, focusing on safety knowledge in daily fire and daily use, and fire occurrence. Escape skills. It tells the basic common sense of fire prevention in industrial enterprises, public places and homes, as well as some escape misunderstandings and correct escape and self-help methods that are prone to occur in the fire.

The company's training staff reviewed the correct use of ABC dry powder fire extinguishers under the guidance of General Manager Li and Ding instructor.

   Through this safety training, everyone understands the hazards and serious consequences of fires and natural disasters, and has a positive significance for further improving the fire protection awareness and self-rescue ability of all employees.