China's 16.8 billion bids for BT Project of Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Line 7

On May 31, China Hydropower Corporation, affiliated to China Electric Power Construction Group, received a bid invitation from Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. to bid for BT project of Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Line 7. Among them, the bid price of the rail transit part was 16.853 billion yuan, and the property development part was determined separately according to the content of the tender documents, with a planned construction period of 53 months.

The BT project of Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Line 7 is one of the major projects of the third phase of Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Project. In March 2011, China Hydropower Corporation signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and identified the third phase of Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit as the focus of infrastructure market development. The Ministry of Railway Affairs organizes relevant engineering bureaus to participate in cooperation and make every effort to carry out the compilation and bidding work. During the bidding process, the main leaders and managerial leaders of the joint stock company have been to Shenzhen for many times. From the perspective of the international company and from the height of the strategic development of the enterprise, they actively publicize and introduce the capability advantages of the enterprise and the confidence and determination of expanding the infrastructure business, and solemnly make a commitment to fulfill the contract, laying the foundation for the winning bid line 7 project. In the bidding work for more than one year, the Railway Department and the bidding team have carefully studied and formulated the bidding plan, carried out the bidding work in an all-round and meticulous manner, widely publicized and promoted the advantages of the enterprise's ability, strictly controlled the quality of the bidding documents, and established the good reputation and image of the enterprise.

  Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Line 7 is a local line connecting the main residential and employment areas in the southern half of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. It starts at Lishui Station in Nanshan District and ends at Tai'an Station in Luohu District. The main line is 30.173 kilometers long. All of the lines are underground. There are 28 stations and 27 sections. The project is constructed by BT mode of "financing + general contracting for design and construction", which is directly organized by China Hydropower Corporation. The relevant engineering bureaus set up the project Department of the bid section to be responsible for the construction.

This project is the first time that China Hydropower Company has entered the field of urban rail transit construction in an all-round way. It is another major breakthrough in the urban infrastructure business of the company. It is also the largest domestic project that the company is currently undertaking. It is of great significance in the development process of strategic transformation and structural adjustment of China Hydropower Company.