World Environment Day-Zhang Guang101 Advocates Green Health of Taxus chinensis

June 5 is World Environment Day. Since the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 5 June 1972, which adopted the Declaration on the Human Environment and proposed to designate 5 June as World Environment Day every year, countries around the world have attached great importance to environmental protection and advocated environmental protection awareness and carried out various environmental protection activities. On that day, the "World Environment Day Celebration Conference and the First Environmental Health Forum" co-sponsored by Beijing Zhangguang 101 Group, the Organizing Committee of the World Health Industry Congress, the Creative Health Care Column of the People's Network, China Health Care, the State Forestry Administration, the Center for Health Care Culture Research of Peking University and the China Green Agriculture Alliance Service Industry Alliance was solemnly held in the auditorium of Zhangguang 101 Group. Leaders and experts from Beijing Zhangguang 101 Group, China Science and Technology Development and Exchange Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine, State Forestry Administration, China Medical and Health International Exchange Promotion Association, United Nations Chinese Friendship Association, Beijing University Health Culture Research Center, China Green Agriculture Alliance and Beijing Health Culture and Creative Industries Association all delivered enthusiastic speeches, expressing people from all walks of life. We attach great importance to environmental protection.

Environmental protection is one of the basic national policies of our country. At the fifth meeting of the 11th National People's Congress, Premier Wen Jiabao raised the issue of "environment and people's livelihood" in the government's work report, calling on the whole people to enhance their sense of responsibility, mission and crisis for environmental protection and to promote the harmonious development of our society; at the same time, the concept of good ecological environment and health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine has a long and healthy life for human beings It plays an important role.

This meeting is mainly based on the theme of World Environment Day to create a good environment protection atmosphere, and as an opportunity to gather people of insight from all walks of life to discuss the health value of environmental livelihood, environmental health, living environment health for our human survival and the promotion significance of traditional Chinese medicine green consumption and organic agriculture.

Mr. Zhao Zhangguang, once famous for his research and development of Zhangguang 101 in the treatment of hair loss, made a special report at the meeting - "through vigorously greening and beautifying the environment, realize the development of environmental resources in protection, optimize in development, and further improve human life span by a big step". He invested hundreds of millions of yuan to develop six planting bases of Taxus chinensis in Weijia Town, Lushan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Yueqing County and Huailai County, Hebei Province. Taxus chinensis species can be used not only as medicinal species, but also as greening species. Taxus chinensis cause development, creating a good environment for environmental protection and health environment, increasing environmental protection propaganda, and improving the environmental protection of the whole people. Consciousness, promoting health-preserving and green consumption of traditional Chinese medicine, has found an effective new way for the health and longevity of the common people.

At the meeting, leaders, experts and people from all walks of life participated in the forum one after another, actively expressed their unique views on the environment, their unique understanding of health preservation, completely from the natural environment of heaven and earth and human characteristics to carry out research, put forward a new theory of environmental health preservation, advocated that health preservation should attach importance to the combination of internal and external environment, the concept of harmony between heaven and man; put forward a new concept and a new concept of environmental health preservation. Opinions, new theories, new ways. On the new way of "environment and people's livelihood" put forward at the meeting, how to create green consumption of health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine, which is simple and cheap, has a good mass base, and plays an important role in health care and health preservation and rehabilitation of the people.

Zhangguang 101 Taxus health preservation is unique in China and pioneered in the world. Now it has declared the torch project of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Its product 101 Taxus Sustained Release Granules has passed the FDA independent laboratory test in the United States, and all the indicators are qualified. Innovation is not only a kind of consciousness, but also a kind of ability, which is the greatest vitality of economic development, but also a kind of practical action force for which great efforts need to be made. Zhangguang 101 Group takes technological innovation as the core, management innovation as the backing, product innovation as the support, so that human beings can achieve the goal of longevity through scientific health preservation.

In order to promote the coordinated integration of environmental protection and economic development, Zhang Guang101 plans to establish 200 Taxus resource bases in the world in the next five years. By vigorously greening and beautifying the environment, it will truly realize the development of environmental resources in protection, optimize in development and further improve human life span.